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Making travellers happy (while saving money)

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Posted: 24 August 2018


Asante provides medical care on the west coast. Of its 5,400 employees, approximately 600 travel regularly for conferences, meetings, and training.


Identify a more efficient, reliable pre-trip approval process; gain greater insight into travel spend, and leverage a single location to manage all travel needs.


With Egencia’s in-depth reports available 24/7/365, Asante was able to streamline the travel-approval process and quickly realize meaningful cost-savings. Asante employees responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback, noting how helpful, familiar, and easy the Egencia system proved to be.


Asante travellers know they can always reach an Egencia agent to help ensure their journey is easy and seamless. And with an expanding employee base, Asante can rest assured that Egencia makes scalability virtually effortless. Egencia’s business travel solutions fuse technology with agent-assisted service to meet the needs of your company. We offer your travellers robust hotel, airline, and rental car deals to book themselves—online, via our app, or with the help of an Egencia Travel Consultant. See more here   

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