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How to prepare your business travel programme for post COVID-19

1 min
Posted: 15 June 2020Updated: 05 February 2021
Webinar Prepare Your Business Travel Program For Post COVID-19

Business travel is changing. The current COVID-19 pandemic means your business travel program goals will change too and your priorities will shift. From corporate travel policy updates and alerts to simple cancellations, and back-dated traveller tracking, now is the time to review your travel programme or implement a travel management solution if your business does not have one.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What has changed in business travel and why you need to adapt your travel programme
  • How to define the goals of your new travel programme to meet your business objectives
  • Key areas to focus on when analysing and reviewing the performance of your travel programme
  • How to revise your travel policy based on your new goals
  • How to work with your TMC to implement your new business travel programme

Take the next steps to build your post COVID-19 business travel programme.


Teresa Matheson,  Senior Director, Account Management, Egencia

Meredith Smith, Principal Consultant, Festive Road

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