Mobile Tools for the Modern Business Traveller

Egencia is reimagining the modern business traveller experience with the Egencia® app, a “smart travel companion” app for business travellers like you. It features a stunning new user interface, step-by-step directions, and the intuitive functionality you need the most while on the road. The Egencia® app is available now for iPhone. 

Mobile Compatibility

Egencia TripNavigator is initially available to Egencia clients on the iOS platform, followed by a native app for Android phones in early 2014. Any user, including non-Egencia clients, can download the app and take it for a test drive via the “Explore” option available on the “Sign In” screen. Egencia Mobile for Android is currently available on Google Play, or as a mobile website.

One Technology Platform

The technology platform behind Egencia’s mobile applications is owned and managed by Egencia, with direct integration into the centralised booking platform used by Egencia Travel Consultants and our clients’ travel arrangers and business travellers. Bookings made by travellers from a mobile device, computer, or via an Egencia Travel Consultant are automatically updated on Egencia’s mobile apps.

Stay Connected with Egencia Mobile

Today’s workforce demands connectivity and mobility. Egencia’s mobile applications give the modern business traveller the ability to check-in to flights, book hotel rooms, set-up flight and destination alerts, review hotel, car, and rail details, speak to an Egencia travel consultant with one-click access, and much more through their smart phones or tablets.

The Best Mobile Experience

With a consumer-grade interface, the Egencia® app incorporates technology from the Expedia brand’s acquisition of Mobiata®, a creator of best-selling mobile travel apps, with a design that has been optimized for the more complex world of business travel. The app – developed collaboratively with Egencia customers – provides travelers with step-by-step navigation, much like a GPS device offers driving directions, and includes access to Egencia’s robust global hotel inventory.

Egencia Mobile delivers the connectivity modern business travellers require.

Last-Minute Hotel Bookings

It’s not uncommon for a business trip to get extended or a traveller to miss a connecting flight that results in an overnight layover. Egencia mobile applications make finding a last-minute hotel easier than ever. Conveniently shop and book from the world’s most extensive hotel inventory.

Explore the Egencia® app

  • Beautiful New Interface

    Inspired by consumer travel apps, but developed with your business needs in mind

  • Actionable Itinerary

    Quickly and efficiently check into your flight, look up directions to your hotel or airport, share your trip items, and much more

  • Global Hotel Shopping

    Shop nearly 200,000 hotel properties worldwide from your fingertips

  • Technology-Infused Service

    The Egencia® app enables travellers to easily and quickly get in touch with Egencia Travel Consultants whenever expert assistance or help is needed.

  • Trip Alerts

    The Egencia® app delivers easy-to-read notifications to let you know if your flight is delayed or cancelled, and will provide actionable next steps.

  • Contextual Maps and Directions

    Stay on track with contextual next steps in your itinerary, maps and directions for each item in your trip, and terminal maps for the longer airport layovers

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