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Toolkit: Corporate booking platforms and their benefits

Benefits of a corporate booking platform toolkit

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Posted: 01 June 2022
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In today’s new travel climate, a lack of visibility into how your employees book travel puts you and your business at a disadvantage. When corporate travel and expense programmes run manually, chances are they cost far more than they need to and might be putting your travellers at risk. A comprehensive business travel management tool can help navigate cost savings while also ensuring traveller safety for domestic and international travel alike.

The ‘Benefits of a corporate booking platform’ toolkit reviews the main advantages of transitioning from an unmanaged travel programme to a centralised booking platform. The toolkit reviews the most important benefits of a corporate travel management solution including:

  • Steps to create superior experiences for travelling employees and travel arrangers
  • An overview of processes that your business can implement to drive cost savings
  • Guidelines on mitigating risk and keeping your business travellers safe
  • Tips on improving your travel culture

As business trips return, having a robust corporate travel policy around travel bookings and expense management is critical to controlling your organisation’s travel spend while also ensuring consistent corporate travel booking processes that do not interrupt daily workflow for travellers or travel managers.

With travel management companies offering everything from online booking tools to on-the-go mobile apps with full-service functionality, it’s never been easier to ensure policy compliance in real time while also being able to streamline the travel experience.

From pre-travel to post-trip, it’s time to think carefully about each element of your business travel programme. Learn more about what a travel management solution can do with automation that simplifies business travel bookings while reinforcing company travel policies. It’s time to elevate your duty-of-care standards, travel policy compliance and even preferred partnerships. A dependable travel management software solution can make a significant difference in travel programmes of any size.

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