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Business Travel Forecast 2021, Business Travellers Post Pandemic

The evolving role of travel manager – a complete guide

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Posted: 28 July 2021

Anyone with the title corporate travel manager knows how challenging the role can be. You’re balancing relationships with TMCs and suppliers and staying up to date on managing business travel spending, new booking platforms and tools, all while navigating management directives and employee needs.

And that was all before the Coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns and other changes in the last year.

Today, what was already a demanding role has expanded to encompass things like duty of care, safety and security, and traveller wellbeing. Plus, you’re likely more strategically involved with senior leadership than ever before. 

To help you navigate this rapidly evolving environment in the business travel industry, we surveyed 130 travel managers and other stakeholders to find answers and insights on how the travel managers’ role has shifted.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • What new roles business travel managers are taking on with pending business trips
  • How the day-to-day responsibilities of travel management have shifted
  • What’s changing in corporate travel programmes for both domestic and international travel
  • Who’s involved in reshaping travel policy
  • How companies are defining “essential travel”
  • Who’s responsible for risk management from check-in to arrival
  • Changes in air travel, car rental and other types of transport

If you’re a travel manager looking to get a handle on the new rules and stay ahead of the change, don’t miss this white paper. 

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