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CFO Guide to Corporate & Business Travel Savings in 2021

The CFO’s guide to business travel savings in 2021

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Posted: 12 August 2021
Guide to business travel savings

There’s no question our world changed drastically in early 2020. “Pivot” became the word of the decade and many businesses have worked hard to update their organisational structures, offerings, and technology because of the pandemic.

Because of this, odds are good the corporate travel programme you had last year no longer fits today’s reality. We’ve developed this guide especially for CFOs to help your business manage its travel programme going forward, no matter what lies ahead.

Download the guide for a five-part framework to formulating a nimble travel programme that will position you to act – and pivot – in case of volatile shifts in the future. Download the guide for how to:

  • Optimise value for cost – Learn the four primary levers to pull when it comes to optimising cost savings while increasing value.
  • Save travellers time with smart technology – Traveller wellbeing is front and center now more than ever. Smoothing the way for them – pre-trip, while travelling, and on return – is essential, and technology plays a big part.
  • Support safety with online and offline expertise– Safety has become a spotlight. Learn why the combination of technology and live support is so crucial in today’s environment.
  • Stay flexible– A recent McKinsey & Company report on risk practice suggested companies build the muscle of being able to “absorb uncertainty and incorporate lessons quickly.” Find out the key components to doing just that with your travel programme.
  • The perfect partnership – Going it alone in today’s world isn’t a wise option. Discover why managed travel makes more sense today than ever.

Corporate travel has become a C-level responsibility. Download the guide to learn how to manage the financial impact responsibly in a post-pandemic world.

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