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Cost Savings & Scale With Business Travel Technology

Save and scale with Egencia business travel technology

Save and scale with Egencia business travel technology

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As businesses prepare for a post coronavirus (COVID-19) world, priorities are shifting. Organisations need to operate leaner and smarter to stay afloat, and that means a greater focus on spend management. Many successful businesses have a strong travel culture, meaning their leaders and processes support the use of corporate travel as a form of strategic investment with business value.These companies should focus on working with a travel management company (TMC) that has business travel technology proven to save time and money and improve the travel experience. Egencia is the original innovator in digital corporate travel. We purposefully built our business travel booking tools to work on any device to support travel managers and travelers at any point in their journey, wherever they are. Our tech travels with you, so you can access the same powerful solution, whether you’re at your desk or on a business trip.

Technology that supports change at Splunk and James Fisher Marine Services Ltd.

The way we do business is changing faster than ever and that’s why it’s essential to work with a TMC that anticipates your needs and can quickly adapt to the times. Egencia supports businesses of every size and in every industry. Companies that are growing or shifting to adapt to a new landscape find the different elements of our solution incredibly useful. Our travel technology includes personalisation, Savings Finder for Air and Hotel, and integrated travel policies. These features allow the travel services and choices that deliver the most value, are in policy, and have the best price to be surfaced first to your corporate travellers. No matter what size your company is or how your business is changing, this allows travel managers to easily push savings forward.

“We love good technology at Splunk. And it’s always challenging to find a technology that can grow with us and is sustainable. We needed a technology that could meet us where we’re headed — that’s part of our culture. How do we put technology in place that is really customer focused? When I say customers, I mean my own employees and my own travellers. So that’s how I support the culture at Splunk with our tools — [by] making sure I give them tools that are relevant, that are current, that are what they expect, that they would expect in the regular marketplace from a leisure perspective.”

— Joy Anzinger, senior manager of global travel, Splunk

Travellers love our simple, consumer-like booking tools and experience that removes the stress of last-minute changes because it’s as easy to modify your travel changes as it was to book in the first place. And Egencia Preferred Rates offer additional perks like free cancellations, breakfast, and Wi-Fi to create a positive traveller-centric experience.

“One of the key selling points of Egencia was the self-booking function, meaning individuals have the ability to view their own journey planner and cancel bookings with the click of a button, which is often necessary because of the urgency and flexibility required for many of our projects.”

— Lisa Murphy, business operations team lead, JFMS

Cost savings with reporting and supply at Skyjack 

Businesses need technology that can provide tangible savings. One of the ways our tech helps organisations save on business travel is with robust reporting. For many of our clients, the ability to gain in-depth insights into their travel spend is essential.

Behind our easy to use consumer-like technology, Egencia provides travel options from an average of 290 airlines across the globe. More flight options, combined with an online booking tool that includes policy integration, allows travel managers to give preference to tickets of certain prices or classes to deliver significant savings in their travel programme.

In the first year of working with Egencia, Skyjack realised a 28% decrease in the average price of a domestic ticket.

Skyjack case study

Technology that supports travel managers at NTTS and Splunk The ability to get work done from anywhere is essential. This means duty of care and risk management are top priorities for travel managers. With Egencia, travel managers have the advantage of a paperless and real-time approval process so travellers aren’t left waiting, no matter what changes arise.

“Egencia makes me successful because it puts the data at my fingertips to do the job that I need to do, whether that’s to provide duty of care, to go and leverage my spend, or whether it’s the tool that helps my employee get from point A to point B and get in front of a customer that grows our business.”

— Joy Anzinger, senior manager of global travel, Splunk 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a powerful reminder that change can come faster than anyone anticipates. But it’s still possible to prepare for the unknown. The ability to immediately locate your travellers, know that they receive alerts about any travel disruption, and the ability to instantly update travel policies in response to global events gives you the power to help keep your travellers safe even if they’re on the other side of the world.

“Thanks to Egencia, we know where people are scheduled to be. And because everyone has to book through the platform, we have their location with Traveller Tracker, which really helps us plan for any crisis management.”

— Tricia Lim, EVP corporate planning, NTT Singapore

Traveller risk management technology from Egencia makes it easier to track down travellers, modify travel policies, share urgent alerts, and plan for risk management. It also alleviates travel managers’ stress and provides valuable productive time. There’s no need to jump in and out of multiple booking tools from different providers since everything is in one convenient place with Egencia.

Download our essential checklist for business travel savings to see how our powerful technology could help you manage your travel spend and save.

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