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Business Travel Webinar, Business Travellers Post Pandemic in 2021 & 2022

Reimagining your travel programme

1 min
Posted: 12 April 2021
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2020’s impact on the business travel industry is far from over. According to a new study by The BTN Group and Egencia, travel managers and other executive-level stakeholders have been looking at every facet of business travel during the pause and are reprioritising -- and reimagining -- what managed travel might look like moving forward.

Register here for the replay of a thought-provoking, 60-minute webcast sponsored by Egencia, where four industry leaders share their thoughts on key findings from the study.

Meet the presenters:

Ann Dery – Director, Global Travel & Meetings for S&P Global

Rosemary Maloney – Global Travel Lead for Sprinklr

Louise Kilgannon – Consultant from Festive Road

Mary Ann McNulty – Executive Director, Content Solutions for The BTN Group

Learn from these leaders what approaches they’re already implementing, and gain invaluable insights on trends like:

  • What has changed regarding senior-level involvement with travel programme and policies?
  • How does safety stack up against savings?
  • Have partnership and supplier relationships changed?
  • Where does sustainability fall in terms of priority?
  • How are companies bringing travellers back up to speed amidst new policies and procedures?

Register now to watch the webcast.

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